Sunday, March 22, 2009

Bisquick recipes - 242 Absolutely delicious Recipes made with Bisquick

Do you enjoy cooking from scratch…. But sometimes a shortcut would really be helpful. Here you will find a huge selection of recipes that use the ever popular Bisquick baking mix. No need to drag out the baking soda or baking powder or flour; you get all that with Bisquick.

Included are the many “impossible” recipes that are featured by Bisquick as well as so many other popular dishes. Try a few of these selections at your next pot luck and you will be the most popular cook around and certainly in great demand for the next pot luck. In the partial list of 242 recipes, you will certainly find a multitude of recipes that you will wish to try and share with family and friends.

Below are a few of the Bisquick Recipes included;

  • Impossible Beef Enchilada Pie

  • Tex-Mex with Spinach Bake

  • Impossible Brownie Pie

  • Quick Applesauce Muffins

  • Peach Cobbler with Cheddar Biscuits

  • Zucchini Fritters

  • Batter-Dipped Fondue Meatballs

  • Impossible Chicken Parmigiana

  • Easy Coffee Cake

  • Chile Rellenos

  • Quick Barbecue Beef Bake

  • Kfc Buttermilk Biscuits

  • Long John Silver’s fish batter

  • Apple-Ginger Scones

  • Beer - Cheese Bits

  • Bisquick Apricot-Glazed Pound Cake

  • California Cheeseburger Pie

  • Firehouse Quiche

  • Butter Chunk Cinnamon Rolls (Bisquick)

  • Red Lobster Cheese Rolls

  • Caramel Dumplings

  • Bisquick Cobbler

  • Taco Bake (Bisquick)

  • Banana Nut Bread (Bisquick)

  • Hawaiian Corn Bread

  • Swiss Cheese and Sausage Deep Dish

  • Strawberry Shortcake (Bisquick)

  • Stuffed Chili Rellenos

  • Popeye's Biscuits

  • Quick Southwestern Pizza

  • Gingerbread-Bisquick

  • Apple Streusel Coffee Cake

  • Pumpkin Ring

  • Peachy Pudding Bake

and much more......